Tiberias Bar Kochva

Status: Planning Phase

Bar Kochva Street 13-25, Tiberias

Number of apartments: 672

Number of buildings: 7

Number of floors: 15

Architects Office: Miloslavsky Architects

The first urban renewal neighborhood in Tiberias is planned, consisting of seven towers, each 15 stories high, accommodating 672 new residential units, to replace the existing 84 units. The project is situated on Bar Kochva Street 13-25 and spans approximately 8.5 dunam. The development will include 3, 4, and 5-room apartments, along with an educational facility, public-use buildings, and ample green spaces.

From the media

Source: Ice
This is the city where urban renewal is taking place for the first time since the establishment of the state
Source: Walla
Since the establishment of the state – the first urban renewal in Tiberias

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